Homeless Outreach Needs

Items we’re currently looking for


Twin Sized Mattress

We have individual in need of a twin sized mattress. We already have a box spring but the mattress is in very poor condition so this would be a huge help.



There are several individuals in need of winter socks. Just male socks are needed currently and the sizes can range from M-L. These should be new items.


Sheets & Comforters

Any size sheets & comforters needed. Anything clean and in decent condition will be well loved and much appreciated!


Gloves & Scarves

Any matching winter gloves, hats and/or scarves are always appreciated! Hats & scarves don’t have to match ;)


Drapes & Curtains

We’re looking for standard sized window curtains, nothing fancy but if you have some that you’re not using, they would be appreciated and well used. Hardware is also needed in most cases so if you have extra or purchase additional to donate, they won’t go to waste!


Kitchen Items

If you’re going through your kitchen and find a few things you might not need or have extras of, we know a few folks that would love to utilize them.