Too often we allow others to alter the direction that God is asking us to go in our personal lives.  Too many times we allow the world to bring doubt on the call that God has for our lives. Or better yet makes us question our faith; rendering us stagnant or even yet impotent.  Finding ourselves questioning if there is a God, questioning whether He loves you, questioning your purpose in life. 


What caused Jesus to journey to Jerusalem?

First, He knew who He was.

Secondly, He knew where He was going.

Third, Jesus knew who walked with Him.


Take the journey with Him.... You are not alone... Although you may not understand what, why and how... God is with you on the Jerusalem road, and He will be with you when you come through it... and He will be there with great power to anoint you to do greater exploits for an even greater cause!!!

Be encouraged today... the Lord is with you... He's leading, guiding, comforting, preparing and strengthening you for a great visitation of His Spirit and Will.... Reach out to Him today, spend time seeking His face, and trust that He who has already trodden the way... will lead you safely through to the other side of your Jerusalem...